"I wish I could write a story as well as Karen-Eve can tell one…” Robert Morgan, author of Gap Creek, The Truest Pleasure, etc. 

“What sheer delight to be transported by Karen-Eve’s silky voice to places beyond myself where I found laughter, insight, and adventure.” The Times, London UK.

“Karen-Eve’s talk enthralled our members and guests. We can’t wait for her to be back” – Program Director, Lake Point Landing. Senior Living Facility

Karen-Eve's performance transported me to the land. I could smell the stew and baking bread, taste the sweet water with a parched throat and feel the earth call out for help." 
The TImes News, 2015
Whether at an OLLI, retirement home or executive leadership event, Karen-Eve’s stories of the human spirit connect, inspire and delight listeners of all ages, genders, and professions. 

As a speaker, storyteller and performer, Karen-Eve sparkles! Using the power of story and rhyme, she weaves a presentation with purpose and meaning in a way to capture your mind and heart. An avid life long learner and searcher, she studies constantly and collects information and knowledge on many subjects relevant to our busy, 21st century lives. She is a living TED talk on many topics!

This speaker and teller, experienced in many cultures, tells stories for our time. Her silk and spicey delivery entertains and engages audiences to reflection, recognition and action. From the ancient forests of the Old World to Sci Fi to the cool mountains of Appalachia, she brings new life and emotions to stories, folklore and old/new legends to help us live more fully in the stress of the 21stC. In addition to traditional and modern tales, she uses common threads and the works of Sandburg, Terry Wiltshire, Rumi and Robert Morgan. 

Karen-Eve (yes a double first name) is an international public speaker and storyteller, NC native, former General Manager of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and founder of the DO TELL STORYTELLING Festival. She believes that storytelling is intelligent entertainment for the 21st century. Speaking and listening have key places in our time. We need time to sit, connect and listen to each other . Listening leads to understanding others which leads to compassion, tolerance and happier lives.  

She has been a board member o f the NC Storytelling Guild, is a member of the Asheville Storytelling Circle and is founder/chair of STEAP, Inc. (storytelling, education and arts programs). She has traveled the Globe speaking on a number of motivational topics and telling her delightful, relevant and inspiring stories. 

Age Groups: Adult Audiences; Family Audiences; High School/Young Adult; Middle School; Primary; Sr Adults 

Story Types: Biblical & Spiritual/ Sacred; Character Education; Family & Personal; Folk Tales. Fairy Tales, Fables, Tall Tales; Ghost & Scary; Healing &Therapy; History; Holidays; Humor; Literary; Multicultural; Myths; Original; Tandem Tales; With Song; Nature & Woodland, Grey tales (for older wiser folk); romance/love, modern day stories

Workshops: Business / Corporate; Educators; Librarians; Organizations; Religious Groups; Storytellers; Students; Grief & bereavement; Reconcilliation; Creativity; Motivation; Creating Responsibility in Kids & adults; Keys to happiness, Personality & Team building; Leadership. Custom workshops on offer.

  She knows hundreds of engaging stories. 

Hear her engaging programs such as:

WILDWOOD TALES- go to the land for inspiring tales for today.

STORIES FOR OUR TIME- stories to connect us to our souls, our selves and others.

THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES-Join Karen-eve as she walks through Provence over a 40 year period to visit the old man who changed the landscape between 1917 and 1960.  

" Karen-Eve's performance transported me to the land. I could smell the stew and baking bread, taste the sweet water with a parched throat and feel the earth call out for help." The TImes News, 2015
How can Karen-Eve work 
with you?

Program presenter
Facilitator and coordinator
Key note speaker, EMCEE
Workshop leader (see listing)
Inspiring sermons and talks
Motivational speaker (see listing)
Entertainer for dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, festivals, special events

Perform marriages, baptisms, memorials and more ! AMM ordained.

Where might Karen-Eve perform, emcee or speak ? 

Dinner parties, special events, family reunions
OLLIs, Civic groups, camps, gatherings
Retreats, churches, community groups
Special interest groups- fiber guilds, leadership, gardens, galleries, 
Festivals and conference centers
Professional development events/seminars
Workshops, celebrations, picnics…& more!

Prices start at $200 for 40 minutes of engaging entertainment.
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Creativity Crushers
What takes your creative energy?

Motivational talk for Piedmont Fiber Guild. This event was a huge success, and the second time Karen-Eve was invited to do a program for the Guild. This talk began with a Navajo story and moved into what inhibits creativity. She also unveiled a new line of silk scarves featuring cell patterns.