Facilitator and Workshop /Program leader
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MY MISSION as a creative, authentic and compassionate communicator is to encourage and inspire others to become their best, most responsible, creative, passionate, and happiest selves.

I DO THIS THROUGH: encouraging, socializing, creating & developing, performing, challenging, leading, loving, and inspiring others around me.
'iMPRESSARIO, manager EXTRAordinaire- Ms FIXIT- GET’er Done- MAGICIAN’ are all words used to describe Karen-Eve! Give her the thread of an idea or problem and she will follow it through to its source. If necessary she will unravel the issue and find a way to remake it or create a new approach. She can distill a complex issue into key elements with an action plan.

Karen-Eve is in the 15 % of people who combine knowledge and leadership with powerful communication skills to accomplish projects and actions with others. She has a proven track record of people mastery and social engagement. Trained as a sociologist specializing in organizational effectiveness and efficiency, she understands both what it takes to get a job completed and how to best use human and financial resources for an effective and happy result.

Karen-Eve has many areas of knowledge in a variety of disciplines having worked as a park ranger, regional government manager of training, Capitol Hill legislative aid, Human Resources and Legal Department Directors, international telecommunications professional, London Philharmonic general manager, storyteller/performer, artist, life coach, and church professional. She brings a lifetime of rich experience and compassion, combined with creativity to those areas that interest her. She is the Founder of the DO TELL STORYFEST (2009-2017) and The Feed & Seed Storytelling Series, and the creator and chair of STEAP, Inc.- (Storytelling, education, and arts programs). She is open to discuss many projects and activities.

How may I assist you? 

*Artistic Director & Project management
*Mediation, reconciliation, & facilitation
* Life Coaching individuals/teams
*Team development & motivation
* Motivational speaking/Keynote speaking
* Problem solving & problem identification
* Workshops & programs
* Creating groups/community
* Project management
* Personal Development Plans
* Life Coaching- obtaining your goals
* Perform marriages, funerals,baptism, and other events (AMM ordained) 

Workshops on offer 
($600/day & travel costs)

Programs or Talks on key subjects
 ($200-500). Local specials offered.

Creativity Crushers
Happiness- a Way Forward
Family challenges- patterns that prevent happiness (Bowen Family Systems)
Promoting responsibility in kids & adults
Team building or Individual discovery: personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions
Personal mission statements/goal setting
Leadership in non-profits
Personal legacies of spirit & talent
  • ​Basic Enneagram
Karen-Eve will be delighted to discuss special and customized programs or workshops with you. She is very affordable and creative. She delivers and knows how to listen.  828-388-0247 or email her now.
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