Artist’s Statement 
Art is about joy, creating, and expression!

I have been sewing and working with fabrics since I “was tall enough to reach the pedals on my grandmother’s pedal Singer Sewing Machine.” This was the house rule where I lived in a North Carolina in a mountain family. I was fascinated by how a flat piece of fabric could become 3-D clothing, quilts, and artwork. I worked with fabric until I went away to college and then let this passion fall to the wayside as I pursued a business career that took me to Europe for many years. Still my love of patterns and shapes stayed alive and I always had a sewing machine handy….

I combined my professional career work with storytelling, public speaking, and slowly, but steadily made my way back to my love of fabric and fibers. In 2011, faced with an empty nest and the wonders of life before me, I decided to reignite my passion for fiber art. To do this, I had to banish both 4-H judges and the rule makers of my past from my studio and head so they would not steal my passion by criticism and old notions of what ‘should be done with fabric.’ I decided to paint, rip, cut, print, glue or dye fabric as I chose without rules or limitations. I work mainly in fabrics and textiles using multimedia. I was taught excellence in craft bymy mother, grandmother, 4-H, and many teachers. I studied my art forms with numerous individual teachers and artists in both the UK and US including at Emerson College (UK), British Museum (UK), ASU Department of Home Economics, and the John C. Campbell Folk School. I graduated from UNC-Asheville; studied at INSEAD, France, and completed graduate work at Trinity College, UK. I hold dual citizenship in the USA and UK as I lived and worked in the UK and Europe for many years. Time abroad exposed me to many different approaches to modern and traditional craft and art forms from guildsmen to apprentices to masters in a variety of mediums. I am a member of the WNC Quilt Guild and former British Actors Equity.
I have been very inspired to push traditional sewing bounsdaries by the botanical and cellular photography of Terry Ashley  (  I fell in love with plant cells patterns when I saw her exhibtion at the NC Arboreteum! Terry and I collaborate to produce custom printed, cellular fabrics for me to use in 2-D and 3-D artwork. I began to print her layered photos on cloth, embellish, and sculpt fabric. My interest in combining media opened many doors for enhancing fabric. 

Many of my pieces have botanical themes that incorporate layered photographs on cloth and cellular customized fabrics. My aim is to bring the viewer inside a plant in a new medium-fabric- to see both the interior beauty and exterior form. Some pieces are a cycle of life from cell to bud to blossom to seed. I observe how the world incorporates math, science, form, and pattern into many mediums and I try to reflect it in my artwork. I make customized 2-D and 3 –D artwork for clients that allows them to incorporate special themes, such as native plants, favorite plants or ideas to reflect their particular interests, without limitations.

Fabric, paper, lino block prints, nature prints and all manner of embellishments are my materials; and the sewing machine, camera, printer, paint, and thread are my tools. Look carefully at the patterns and shapes- many bring you more than you expect. My aim is too create beauty and delight with any of my artwork-whether fiber or metal based. Look further
Karen-Eve Bayne


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