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Karen-Eve Bayne


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 Karen-Eve Bayne, fiber artist, motivational speaker, storyteller, life coach and workshop facilitator, lives in Hendersonville  NC, near Asheville NC. She invites you to discuss your projects and events with her.

 As a fiber artist, she specializes in art quilts and 3-D soft sculptures using fabric and found objects. Many of her pieces incorporate  botanical and cellular photographs. Each unique art piece has its own story, depth, vibrant color, and a variety of  embellishments. She offers custom made pieces for many occasions.

 As an inspiring speaker and entertaining storyteller, Karen-eve engages listeners on an array of topics. She  is a highly rated speaker/performer for businesses, civic groups, festivals and events.

 As a facilitator, Karen-Eve brings a lifetime of rich experience and compassion, combined with creativity to a  wide variety of workshops and programs. She thoughtfully draws from her wide professional, educational, and  cultural experiences as well as recent news and research.

Contact Karen-Eve on 828 388 0247 to discuss your projects and events. Local special offers within 1 hour.